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Tape to DVD

Old video and cassette tapes deteriorate over time, creating a risk precious music and movies may be lost forever. As a high-quality media conversion studio, VIP has the equipment and experience necessary to save aging tapes and films before it’s too late.

Tape to DVDWe help transfer your memories from tape to DVD, a more permanent digital media

We rescue priceless memories from the following formats:

VHS; VHS-C; Super VHS; Betamax; Mini DV; 8mm; Hi-8; and Digital 8.

VIP also converts professional formats such as: Betacam SP; ¾” ; HDV; DV and DVCAM.

We transfer tape to DVD format and other safe, permanent archival storage media. Best of all, we perform all conversions in-house.  Your tapes remain safe and secure in our possession ready for pick up.

VIP transfers content from videotape to digital formats, regardless of the source video.