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Photos & 35mm Slides to DVD

Slides to DVDVisual Images Productions is a high-quality producer for capturing memories of photos and 35 mm slides to digital media.

One of the two most common ways to preserve photos and slides is a data disc.  A data disc is a DVD or CD that simply contains the images that have been digitized from photos or slides.  This disc only contains the scanned images.

The second most common way to preserve photos and slides is to create a photomontage or story.  The photomontage service is complete with transitions and music.  There are additional charges for this editing service.

Storytelling & family-history DVDs

Photomontages offer the best way to gather, organize and preserve family visual histories, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and a celebration of life montage, for future generations. We blend and expertly edit your photos, slides and digital pictures together with your favorite music to create a beautiful montage that showcases your memories and tells your stories.

Call the experts in family photo and slide preservation

VIP converts all media for your photomontage to preserve family visual treasures onto permanent digital media, so your memories will last long after printed photos and celluloid slides have faded.