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Legal Videography

Visual Images Productions turns complex legal issues into easy-to-understand information through the power of legal videography. Our Tucson legal video team has the experience and talent necessary to (breathe life into dull proceedings and convince juries).

VIP is Tucson’s Legal Video Specialists 

Legal Videography

  • Depositions
  • Day-In-The-Life
  • Accident Scene Documentation
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Remote Viewing
  • Courtroom Playback
  • Editing
  • Settlement Videos
  • Video Site Inspections
  • Independent Medical Exam (IME)
  • Transcript Synch
  • Mock Trial
  • Video/Audio Duplication
  • Digital Photography

We’re Southern Arizona’s leading Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) regulated by the National Courts Reporter Association (NCRA). Savvy Tucson attorneys and insurance companies rely on us to produce timely, convincing videos that help successful legal outcomes for their clients.

When courtroom stakes are high, a well-produced video can make the difference between success and failure

Video helps laypeople and professionals alike see through the clutter in complex legal proceedings

Video combines words with people and visual evidence to simplify comprehension of complex trial data.  It is more dynamic and builds a stronger case for your clients.  Video allows triers of fact to better understand your client’s point of view.  However, any presentation of testimonial or evidence or video that is anything less than professional can hurt your case.

VIP has built a solid reputation as professional legal video specialists.  Your professional requires a high level of responsiveness from legal video specialists.  We strive hard to meet your timelines and deadlines.  Our service is consistent, reliable and always professional.

Call now if you require legal video services for any pending or upcoming litigation.

When you hire Visual Images Productions, We will deliver:

  • Quick reaction time.
  • Consistent, accurate work done correctly the first time.
  • Highest level of technology to communicate your information clearly and professionally.
  • Accurate billings distributed to multiple parties if requested.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Competitive rates.  Honest estimates that match billings.

 Our professionalism and reliability will help you win more cases.

 References are available upon request.