For almost 30 years, Visual Images Productions (VIP) has been Tucson’s leading video production firm, specializing in corporate, entertainment, and web video solutions. We have seen the success our professional videos have brought to our clients, and we want to continue to create an affordable and effective way for business owners to market their company.


Value. Inspiration. Professionalism.

What do we do?

We offer a wide range of video and audio services in Tucson Arizona that can give any company the success they deserve. Through the years, we have provided our clients with all types of video and media conversion and transfer services. We offer video editing, conversion and transfer for both firms and regular customers alike. From legal depositions to family projects we make sure to leave our professional imprint, our VIP (Very Impressive Personnel) treatment on every success story and we will continue to provide the best video production service in Tucson.

VIP ( Very Impressive Personnel) Treatment

Visual Images Productions has provided corporate, commercial, and even enhancement services since 1990. The success we have brought to our clients lies in no small part to how dedicated and professional our personnel are. Very Impressive Personnel Treatment (VIP), a sobriquet we proudly call ourselves by in our studios, deservedly rests on firm ground as our success story has reflected on our customers’ success. Our customers’ success is by extension our success, which we attribute to our professional personnel:

JOHN MANISCALCO, CEO/Executive Producer

John provides direction and supervision at VIP. He has over two decades of experience been developing visuals for medical, corporate, retail, government, and education institutions to name but a few. As chief videographer and photographer, John has the gift of turning challenges into opportunities. He has photographed and videotaped a wide variety of client needs, from tabletop photography to live events with large groups. Originally getting his degree in photography before branching into videography, John had his first professional filming job in 1973 as a young teenager: a neighbor’s wedding that he was paid to shoot. He’s had the honor of photographing notables like Dick Cheney, Fran Tarkington, and Candice Bergen.

AMY MANISCALCO, CFO/ Production Manager

Amy is the principal client contact at VIP. In addition to her bachelor degree in financing from the UA, and an associate degree in accounting from Glendale County, she brings 18 years of experience (including some spent behind cameras in the early years) to VIP client projects. Amy is responsible for customer services that include: production traffic management, scheduling and communication with production associates, and account supervision. Her people skills help keep production projects moving smoothly from scheduling to delivery, while her finance background ensures she has her critical eye on the client’s budget every step of the way.

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