Audio Conversion Services in Tucson, AZ

Are trying to convert your cassette to CD and you can’t find or afford the converting software? Don’t bother anymore. We will do that for you, as we offer the best audio converter services in Tucson, Arizona.

We will help you convert and transfer your audio recordings to audio compact disc, MP3, WAV, QuickTime, MP4, Windows Media, AVI, AIFF and many more advanced audio file formats.

With our help, you’ll be able to preserve your voice, your audio letters, your music, your first band and your entire phonograph, magnetic or optical sound to CDs or more advanced digital files.

We’re the professional converters in Tucson, Arizona. Our services and customer relationships are matchless.

Perhaps you have a recorded letter or message that has a particular sentimental value, maybe you still listen to your baby’s first words, or probably you still have a cassette recording that you can’t dispose of as it carries so many treasured memories.

But maybe you don’t know that your old audio recordings run the risk of getting degraded slowly over time. Most people don’t know that audio cassettes have only a short lifespan of 15 to 25. They don’t also know that vinyl recordings deteriorate at each playing. You can’t let time and decaying factors steal your old memories.

Instead, let us take care of your recordings by transforming them into modern digital formats that will ensure that your old tapes will survive the test of time. Let us bring those old melodies back to life by restoring, converting and transferring them to reliable digital formats.

You won’t bother looking for an audio converter or audio restoration software. We have the cutting-edge equipment to convert any audio file or format. At Visual Images Production, we have the technology to convert all types of digital formats: FLAC to MP3, WMA to MP4, MP3 to MP4 and much more. Whatever the audio recording format or file you have, we will convert it for you and store it into CDs, hard drives or flash storage.

Audio conversions (vinyl to vd)

Our Audio Converting Services

  • Cassettes to CD and other digital formats
  • 78, 45 and 33-1/3 rpm phonograph records to digital formats
  • Acetate Disc to CD or MP3
  • Vinyl LP to CD and other digital formats
  • Reel-to-reel audio tapes to CD and other formats
  • mini- and microcassette tapes to CD, MP3 or other formats

Whatever the audio recording format you have, we will apply ourselves and convert it to digital. Your memories are too valuable for us, and we’ll do our best to restore or convert them to the best modern formats. As leaders in video production services, and all media conversion services, we will expertly convert your old vinyl recordings into modern formats such as MP3, MP4 or QuickTime. Let us restore your old memories.

After you visit us, you’ll play your old cassettes on your smartphone, MP3 player, and your iPod. By connecting your car to Bluetooth, you’ll be able to listen to past messages, letters, and melodies while driving your car in Tucson, Arizona.

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