How live streaming services can benefit your business

Live streaming gives businesses the ability to broadcast unique events, host professional conferences, and much more, all virtually. Choosing the right video production to produce your live stream event is vital to getting quality results.

With COVID-19 occurring worldwide, companies are conducting many events entirely virtually. So, integrating live streaming into your business operations is simply a natural progression in today’s technological age.

The best part about live streaming is that it’s versatile enough to be used for various events. Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, live streaming videos have the potential to boost the visibility and engagement of your brand.

At Visual Images Productions, we focus on a wide array of different live streaming formats for events of all types. The entry barrier to live streaming for businesses isn’t that difficult.

Which is another reason so many companies are starting to get into it. To learn more about various live streaming formats and some of the services we offer, continue reading.

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Different Uses For Live Streaming

There are no boundaries to the type of events you can live stream, and businesses of all industries can use popular live streaming formats to propel their operations. One of the most commonly used live streaming formats is live interviews.

Let’s say your company is hosting a live speaking at which big names in your particular industry or field will be present. It would be best if you started promoting the event in advance as soon as possible to inform your audience that a live interview will take place.

When don correctly, hosting live interviews can help boost business interaction, increase exposure, and even provide opportunities for you to promote products.

Another popular live-streaming format is Q&A sessions. You can approach Q&A sessions in various ways. Suppose you want to do bare-bones live Q&A that doesn’t cost too much but is still valuable. In that case, the company CEO or another high-ranking company official can sit down and answer questions taken from customers on social media.

You can take it further by hosting a Q&A with industry experts or famous figures relevant to your industry. Live Q&A sessions are a great way to broaden your audience’s knowledge of a specific topic.

They can also be excellent mediums for building a stronger personal connection with your customers. If your business is primarily product-focused, live demonstrations and flash sales should become a part of your standard marketing approach.

In the age of the internet, customers want to see and interact with products they’re interested in buying as much as possible before doing so. So, hosting live product tutorials and promotional sales events can be very beneficial.

They’re great for live sales events because they provide the customer with a sense of urgency, making them impulse buy. They also help you broaden knowledge of your products, which can go a long way in helping prospective customers make their final purchase decision.

Live product launches are also very popular for many businesses. Prominent names like Google and Apple have already launched some of their latest products via live-streamed events.

For small businesses, live product launches can expand the reach and awareness of your product. Your customers are also much more likely to interact with your new products via a live feed than only receiving an email about a new product launch.

One of the most innovative ways companies are using live streams is by offering live competitions. This can come in the form of a live giveaway, raffle drawings, and more.

Live competitions are great for promoting new products and increasing engagement/awareness around your brand.

These are all some very innovative and proven live-stream video formats that companies in all industries have already used.

Taking Your Live Stream To The Next Level

As a small business, figuring out the best way to live stream an event can be challenging. While many live-streaming platforms allow you to start a broadcast from your phone or computer, they often lack more advanced features from which businesses can benefit.

With popular live streaming services like Zoom and Periscope make it easy for you to start a live stream, they are very limited in terms of the features they offer.

That’s where a professional production company like our team at Visual Images Productions comes in handy.

Here are some of the events we can live stream:

  • Funerals
  • Company Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Special Events
  • Product Demonstrations

We conduct a prerequisite interview with all our clients to ensure we know exactly what they want. With our expertise, we’ll be able to highly-engaging and very unique live streams tailored to bring your business maximum results.

Using live streams as an integral part of your marketing strategy can experience a massive boost to your business overall.

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