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Visual Images Production is as a leading video production firm that offers video converting and editing services. We deeply understand that your old memories will be erased definitively if you keep them stored on those old tapes you still possess. Let us take care of your memories by converting and transferring them to safer, enduring and up-to-date formats that will keep your memories alive and afresh for you and for generations to come. Video conversion and transferring is a necessity nowadays as new technologies keep emerging every minute. At VIP, we provide all types of video conversions services, making sure your tapes are stored in a more permanent technology. We will transfer all kinds of all tapes to digital formats, DVDs and flash storage. All work is done on site.

Our Video Conversion Solutions Include:


Tape Conversions

Old video and cassette tapes deteriorate and degrade over time and with that your nostalgic music and movies will be gone forever. Under all conditions, even if you don’t watch them, your videotapes quality will degrade in almost 10 years. At Visual Images Productions, we don’t want your precious memories to fade away. As a high-quality media conversion studio, Visual Images has the right equipment and the necessary experience to transfer and convert your old tapes, music and films to DVD and other digital formats before they are entirely lost. We convert a wide range of tapes such as 8mm, Hi8, digital 8, mini dv, Dvcam, betacam, and 3/4” U-matic.

Because your memories are too unique to get away, we would like you to consider these facts about Tapes and DVDs.

6 Facts about Video-tapes:

  • Videotapes quality degrades whenever you watch them.
  • Even when unwatched, your tapes quality won’t exceed ten years.
  • Malfunctioning VCRs damages the quality of your tapes.
  • Videotapes quality deteriorates regardless of how carefully they are stored.
  • Even when stored professionally tapes are prone to deterioration.
  • Valuable tapes quickly deteriorate as they are watched repeatedly.

6 Facts about DVD:

  • DVD video and audio quality is, of course, superior to tape.
  • DVD quality won’t deteriorate even if over-watched.
  • DVD lifespan may exceed 100 years.
  • DVD’s are played on computers and most DVD-players.
  • DVD’s horizontal resolution capability doubles that of the VHS.
  • DVD prevents color bleeding, a common issue in VHS.

Considering these facts, we propose that you do not leave your valuable tapes to deteriorate out of negligence. If you contact us, we will ensure that your precious memories won’t be subject to even a slight deterioration. As leaders in tape to DVD and digital transfer and converting, and with leading-edge equipment and expertise, we are able to transform your tapes into DVD and other archival media formats that are well-matched with the future. There’s no reason for you to let your memories deteriorate inside those old tapes.


Visual Images Production’s studios for media conversion has expert technicians, advanced equipment to handle, convert and transfer your invaluable memories from film, 8MM, Super 8, Super 8 Sound and 16MM onto DVD and other enduring digital media.

Visual Images Productions is the leader in Tucson, Arizona for media converting and transfer, including the converting and transfer of film into superior digital media formats that will last forever. Preserve your memories for future generations by transferring data from old films onto modern digital media. Other people like you have already reached out to us because they realized that their memories would fade away if they don’t act quickly.

Tape to Flash Drive:

As hard disks drives (HDDS) are losing the battle against flash storage such as (SSDs), mainly because the latter are less likely to wear out, we will transfer your tapes to flash drives. Most computers now use only SSDs.

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